Here we answer some of the most common questions or concerns that you may have regarding rent a car in Kefalonia:

  1. Can I extend my rental?
    You can extend your rental as long as you inform in sufficient time.
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  3. Can I modify/cancel my reservation?
    You can modify or cancel your reservation by sending an email at :
    or calling at (+30)6937031331 or (+30)26710  at least 48hours before. No cancelation fees will be applied.
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  5. Is the price quoted at the time of booking the price we pay at the end?
    At fair deal Kefalonia Cars Rental  we want to be clear about what you will pay. The price we quote is the price you pay. There are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.
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  7. What should I do if I have problems with my car?
    Before you start driving always check the fuel warning light, especialy if you dont know how far it is between gas stasion.
    In case of a breakdown call at (+30) 6937031331 or (+30) 26710 (24 hours road assistance)
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  9. What if I am involved in a car accident?
    First you will contact the supplier or us, at the phone number that it will be given from the representative the day of the pick up , then in a short time the police will come to you to complete the accident report & all the services is need it.
  10. Kefalonia airport economy Car rental.

  11. What is included in the price?
    Option for FULL insurance, NO risk (zero excess) S.C.D.W.
    C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver)
    NO hidden extras on price
    NO hidden excess on insurance
    NO open credit card taken.
    NO comission for credit cards payment.
    NO cancelation fees.
    Unlimited mileage.
    All taxes included (V.A.T,local taxes).
    1st & 2nd driver FREE 3rd add. gharged per day.
    FREE 24hours road assistance.
    FREE baby or booster seat
    FREE road map
    ALL cars with A/C.
    FREE change of car in case of breakdown
    FREE Delivery AIRPORT
    FREE Drop off AIRPORT
    Delivery & collection anywhere in corfu
    Option for G.P.S system
    SERVICE 24/7 days

  12. What car insurance is offered?.
    The prices include the folowing insurance:
    a .C.D.W (colission damage waiver in case of accident) NO EXCESS
    b.Theft & Fire protection NO EXCESS
    c. Personal Accident Insurance
    d. Third Party Liability Insurance
    e. Option For Total Vehicle Protection (S C.D.W ) NO EXCESS
  13. Can I have full insurance? Yes, you can choose S.C.D.W insurance during the booking process S.C.D.W S.C.D.W(Super Collision Damage Waiver)is an optional service wich if accepted reduces your financial liability for damage to tires, glasses, mirrors, accesories & undercariegee of the vehicle to ZERO OWN RISK. The cost of this coverage is euros, 4 euros or 5 euros per day depends on the the car group of the renter’s choice. Otherwise there is an excess for this car parts and the cost is 400 euros.
  14. How we will meet each other ?
    At the day of your arrival a representative of our supplier will be waiting for you in front of the international / national arrivals with your name written on a board or in front of the reception at your accomodation. All this details you will receive after you send us the reservation at the confirmation e mail, that will be sended by our representative within 24 hours.
  15. How I know that my reservation in confirmed or not.
    All the reservations will be confirmed or not by e mail from a representative of our company after the reservation has been sent.
  16. I have a driver’s license, but my country does not belong to the European Union. I do not have an International Driving License. Can I drive in Greece? Answer: Unfortunately not. If your country does not belong to the European Union you must present an International Driving License along with the original license of your country.
  17. I am over 21 years old and I have a driving license for more than 12 months. Can I rent one of your cars? Answer: Yes! You can hire a car from us, class A2, B or C.
  18. Can I pay for my car hire in cash upon delivery of the vehicle? Answer: Yes, you can.
  19. Can I pay for the car hire by Debit Card? Answer: Yes! You can pay by Debit card. However, if delivery of the vehicle is made outside our offices, a prerequisite is that you must notify us in advance.
  20. What happens if I return the car  before the agreed  date & time ? Answer: In case you return the car earlier than the agreed date & time ,there will be no refund.
  21. Can I make a car reservation by telephone? Answer: Of course. You can call our central office at +30 6937031331 and make a reservation in just a few minutes. By giving all the information requested your car will be waiting for you where and when you want!
  22. What documents should I have with me to rent a car from Kefalonia Cars Rentals? Answer: a) Valid Driving License and b) your passport or your ID card

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